Thursday, January 30, 2020

Hey all. I'm still, still here.


1. Have another script to animate for my YouTube channel out of LEGO bricks. For the children. Following the adventures of the lone clone trooper on a desolate world. Will announce when that is up and online.

2. I'm currently writing a first chapter for a Fan Fiction site (which I've never done before) and when I find out if they like what I'm putting down, I'll hook you up with what it's about. Cheers.

3. Freshly planted in College Place, Washington, I'm planning on shooting a short film in the future. I haven't met but a couple people who shoot films but I've heard the area is a great place to shoot. What am I shooting? I don't know yet. I've got a couple in the can but I write one tailored to what I have access to here. Will keep you in the loop.

4. May plan some kind of talk-back/journal to discuss topics, film, comics, games, whatever. May do it live on Facebook or do it straight to video on YouTube with the knowledge I won't be able to monetize the videos as they will not be safe for kids.

That's all for now. In the meantime, protect your shit. There are black hats out there. 

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