Monday, November 17, 2014

What are you doing, Dave?

  So the big day had finally come!  I was ready.  The set was ready and the gear was set up.
Time to go to work and then, after 3 crashes and connectvity issues, I got the feeling my Mac was trying to communicate with me.  This is what It was saying...

I stopped and took a breath, mostly to check that the room still had air and this evil little brute hadn't found some way to depressurize my house, and decided to try again the next day. After two more crashes and slow starts...success! We were off and rolling, things looked super and I was rolling in puppies.  Then the camera battery died.  Again, I heard these words...

So I saved what I had and stopped.  What a frustrating weekend!  I ordered some more memory and hopefully that will correct the problem as it is still running on the same 2gb it started with years ago.  The memory I ordered will max out the machine.  If that does not help, I will be leaving the Yosemite OS and moving backwards to Mavericks (if possible) as I've noticed some overall slugginess since updating to Yosemite.  

My laptop is old but she ain't dead yet!

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