Sunday, June 1, 2014


I'm looking to cast three voice over talents for the YouTube LEGO series titled "Hak & Gnasher."

All the character description are to the left on the pictures.

I'm looking for a female actor to audition for the lead character Hak.

Hemi-1 and Hemi-2 can be either men or women.

 To audition, simply record yourself saying the lines below (video or just an audio track) and either email me the audio/video or link to the audio/video at

The episodes of Hak & Gnasher are designed to be be no longer than 4-5 minutes an episode so you'll notice that the audition pieces are pretty short.  My best suggestion to potential auctioneers:  Try different voices, different motivations and take as many takes as you can to really show your range as an actor.  Keep your audition piece underneath ten minutes.

The audition will be open until the roles are filled.  Casting choices will be announced along with the up to date cast list once filled.

Also, there will be more roles coming up for auditioning as the season pushes on.  Keep an eye on here and on our Facebook page for more information.

FYI, Hemi-1 and Hemi 2 can be auditioned as a pair.

The roles are not paid.

Here is the Hak segment:
Hak is raking the sand out in front of the hut.


199...200. That, my little granite friend is how you rake sand. Just like my mom and dad taught me. What do you think, Gnasher?

Gnasher stands on the sand looking out, his back to Hak.

Well, you don't have to be cold about it. I guess we could try a more east to west approach but that goes against convention.

Gnasher doesn't respond.

Well, excuse me for living but I know a little more about sand-raking than someone who won't even walk on it.

And here is the Hemi-1 and Hemi-1 segment:
HEMI 1 (O.C.)

Playing in the Jurassic period again huh?  That explains the lapse in production from the grabbenators.

HEMI 2 (O.C.)

Oh really?  We're going there?  Do you wanna talk to the Proctor about you spending your nights moonlighting as a slot machine in the twentieth century?

HEMI 1 (O.C.)

You shut your bolt hole.

If you're going to be around La Grande over the next year, great!  If not but you have access to decent recording equipment, I can work with that!

If you have any questions, you can hit me up on the book of face by clicking here.  Good luck!  Can't wait to see what you got! 

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