Friday, May 16, 2014

Hak & Gnasher Update! 05/14/2014

Today's announcement is more production related.  Still moving forward.  Kickstarter is closer to being filmed.  Looking for some skilled hands and organized brains on the Pre-Production side.

Excited to announce I got a china ball on order.  A great looking 16" diameter ball which will be great for all those desert shots!  If you're not familiar with these other than decoration, they do a wonderful job filtering light for shots.  Bright bulbs lose the hard light look.  You're still going to have to deal with the color of the light coming from the bulb so keep that in mind when planning your shots.  Using  a whiter bulb like one of those natural bulbs looks better.  Keep in mind what you're shooting with in terms of light bulbs.

Need an idea for green screen for Lego? Why not try key green foam core.  I found it at Wally World for 3.00 and on sheet is perfect.  Don't let it get dinged.  What's great, it's sturdy and flat.  Stand it up and you're off and running.

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