Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekend of Work.

Another weekend is upon us and I'm hoping for a lot of Fan Film and Norse research, LEGO sorting, and completion of the first draft of Season 1 for the new LEGO series to get knocked off my to do list.  LEGO sorting and writing in general, well just about everything I do is battle as I have the attention span of a three year old but the weekends are usually good times for me to catch my wind and sail.

What makes it all possible, is not the the talent or the skill, the drive or the love.  Those certainly help, we all know that.

What makes it possible is my wife.  She leads by example (published playwright and all around literary badass) and her support is unwavering.  Most of my stories focus on female protagonists more than they ever have in the past and, I think, I know, it's because I'm trying to capture her strength, intelligence, passion and heart on film so everyone can see it.

Yeah, she's that awesome and I just wanted to let her know that I'm always thinking of her.

Always, Love.

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